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Research Projects

  • Studies on Design, Development and Magnetic Properties of TiFeNiCo- based Multi- Principal High Entropy Alloys​. Thesis Proposal of IUAC New Delhi (2023-2026).

  • Design and Development of magnetic High Entropy Alloys with Balanced Mechanical Properties. Funding UGC DAE CRS Project of UGC DAE Indore (2022-2025) 12 Lakh.

  • Nanocrystalline High Entropy Oxides and High Entropy Alloys as Reversible Energy Storage Materials  Funding agency. SERB SRS scheme (2020-23) 16 Lakhs.

  • Studies on Nanoparticles Decoration in Supercritical Fluid to Improve the Sorption Behavior of Most Promising Storage Material e.g. Mg  Funding agency DST, (INSPIRE Faculty Award) (2013-2018) 35 Lakhs.

Financial Support

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Functional Materials Research Laboratory
Department of Physics
Central University of South Bihar, Gaya

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